Loimaan Kivi Oy

Pioneer of stone refining

Loimaan Kivi Oy is a company that continues the best traditions of Finland’s stone industry. The company relies on versatile skills, sustainable production chain management and innovative product development. Loimaan Kivi Oy is among the top granite refiners in Finland, producing gravestones, construction stones and decorative stones.

Loimaan Kivi’s retail locations and resellers carry a wide variety of stone products. Our shops feature extensive collections, a design program and a professional staff.

Loimaan Kivi implements construction projects on demand as product deliveries or as turn-key deliveries. We also help in choosing the stone and planning stone structures.

Loimaan Kivi can also produce stone sculptures. Loimaan Kivi has extensive experience in working with prominent sculptors in Finland.

Contact Loimaan Kivi for any stone needs you may have.

Loimaan Kivi Oy’s factory and office are located at Loimaa. The factory grounds also house the Kivicenter shop.

Natural stone with numerous applications

Stone will endure unchanged for hundreds of years. The Finnish granite is a high quality material that is available in various colours and patterns, providing an extensive selection for designers. Stone structures are also key elements in landscaping. Loimaan Kivi provides granite walls, cladding, tiles, dice, buttons, kerbs, mooring posts, pillars and stairs.

Beautiful, detailed gravestones

Gravestones provide a place for remembering our loved ones in peace. The beauty of a gravestone lies in its unique features: carefully made choices and thoughtful details. A well-designed and carefully crafted gravestone conveys the message of individuality and a warm sense of longing.

Natural stone as interior material

Natural stone is becoming an increasingly popular interior material. Thanks to a wide range of colours and lively patterns, natural stone offers individuality for interiors. Stone can be refined with techniques that provide nearly endless possibilities for personalised solutions. Stone enhances the style of your décor while exuding respect for traditional values.

Loimaan Kivi’s stone worktops and other interior stone materials are truly natural products. A kitchen worktop made of stone endures heat, cold and humidity. A natural stone work top is easy to take care of.

We also carry Caesarstone quartz composite materials that complement our natural stone colour palette.

Have a look at our composite material selection and find the most beautiful choice for your home. Loimaan Kivi’s collection includes the most popular stone types in Finland.

Loimaan Kivi

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Mikko Paljakka
Managing Director
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Juuso Rainio
Project Manager
Landline +358 (0)207 909 242
Mobile +358 (0)40-722 6732

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